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Citation Analysis
Citation Analysis

Conducting a Citation Analysis

Citation Analysis Tools Enable You To:
  • Build a Bibliography/References
  • Preparing Academic Papers
  • Search by Name, Keyword, Journal, Subject
  • Search to see How Many Times a Paper has been Cited

Citation Analysis Facts

Citation analysis is a method to identify the core sets of articles, authors, or journals in particular fields of study. Researchers conduct a citation analysis to find out the impact of a particular article has, by showing which other authors based some work upon it or cited it as an example within their own papers. In addition, citation analysis helps to determine more about a field or topic to find out how much impact a particular author has had in the field.   

Aliases and Citation Analysis

When conducting a citation analysis, remember that the author may have published under various names. In one case, they may have used a first name, and in another, a middle name. In yet another case, the author may have used both first and middle names. Authors may also have published under different names e.g., maiden names. Use all known variants to obtain a comprehensive citation listing.


How Can MyNetResearch Help You?


Citation analysis tools can improve your research productivity by making the process of collecting references faster, cheaper, and more efficient. They are useful in assessing how widely referenced an academic paper has been.

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