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Who are Safe Hands?

Safe Hands are a UK-based company with a Head Office in Wakefield. They offer a range of Prepaid Funeral Plans and have been in the business since 2014.

Safe Hands

Compare Safe Hands Funeral Plans

So, what types of Funeral Plans do Safe Hands offer, and how do they compare to the market?

As with any financial decision, we recommend that you carefully consider what you need and what options are currently available across the market. We can assist you with this process.

Safe Hands offer five types of Funeral Plans. The five options are: Direct Cremation, The Topaz Plan, The Pearl Plan, The Sapphire Plan and The Ruby Plan. These Funeral Plans have competitive pricing, and they all include different funeral costs, so it’s essential to understand the details.

We are happy to support you with any questions.

The Direct Cremation Plan

The Direct Cremation Plan is the cheapest option amongst Safe Hands Funeral Plans and is only suitable for a cremation funeral. It covers the cost of a simple cremation without a funeral service. It includes the following features:

  • Support and services from one of Safe Hands’ Funeral Directors
  • Collection and transport of the deceased to the Funeral Director at any time of day, nationally
  • Care of the deceased before the funeral
  • Simple coffin with nameplate
  • Hearse or private ambulance direct to the crematorium
  • Careful return of the ashes within the UK
  • Third party fees including the cremation fees, the Doctor’s fees relating to providing a death certificate

The Topaz Plan

The Safe Hands Topaz Plan contains the essential elements of a burial or a cremation funeral, without an allowance for third party funeral costs. The benefits include:

  • Support and services from one of Safe Hands’ Funeral Directors
  • Transport of the deceased to the Funeral Director at any time of day within a 25-mile radius
  • Chapel of Rest visits for your family
  • Care of the deceased before the funeral
  • A quality veneered coffin with personalised nameplate
  • Hearse transport to the ceremony and pallbearers
  • Funeral procession departure from home or the Funeral Home
  • Time of the funeral mutually agreed

The Pearl Plan

The Safe Hands Pearl Plan contains the benefits of the Topaz Plan plus:

  • £1,200 disbursement allowance to cover some third party costs such as Doctor’s fees, Minister or Celebrant fees, cremation or burial fees
  • A call from the Bereavement Advice Team

The Sapphire Plan

The Safe Hands Sapphire Plan contains the benefits of the Pearl Safe Hands Funeral Plan, plus:

  • One limousine to transport family and friends to the funeral service

The Ruby Plan

The Safe Hands Ruby Plan is their top of the range Funeral Plan. It enjoys the benefits of The Sapphire Plan, plus:

  • Two limousines for transport to the funeral service
  • A high quality, gloss finish, oak veneer coffin with personalised nameplate

Have Safe Hands Funeral Plans got good customer feedback?

At the time of writing this review, Safe Hands Prepaid Funeral Plans have an excellent score of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot, the independent customer review site. This score came from 67 reviews. The positive feedback often references a straightforward, professional and friendly service in which the staff do everything they can to help.

Safe Hands respond to most negative customer feedback on Trustpilot and attempt to support the plan holder or their family members. We would recommend that Safe Hands reply to all customer comments that they receive.

For more information on Safe Hands’ customer reviews, visit Trustpilot.

What happens if I take out a Safe Hands Funeral Plan?

Once you have signed up to a Safe Hands Prepaid Funeral Plan, they will send you a welcome pack, your Terms and Conditions, and your Plan Certificate.

If you take out one of the Prepaid Funeral Plans and change your mind, then you are entitled to a full refund within 30 days. If you cancel after this period, then Safe Hands take a cancellation fee of £295. You must cancel your plan in writing in one of these ways:

  • Sending a letter by post: Safe Hands Funeral Plans, 12 Mariner Court, Calder Park, Wakefield WF4 3FL
  • Writing to their dedicated email address:

Where do Safe Hands keep their clients’ money?

Safe Hands Funeral Plan monies are paid directly into a Trust Fund. This Safe Hands Trust enables Safe Hands to keep client money separate from the company.

The Independent Trustees, Sterling Trust Corporation LTD, manage the Trust and they parter with investment fund managers.

Do they offer guarantees?

Safe Hands do not offer any specific guarantees on their website, beyond their explanation for how customer funds receive protection through the Trust and providing a commitment to cover the costs of the features within each plan.

Are Safe Hands registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)?

At the time of writing, Safe Hands have a registration with the Funeral Planning Authority. They also believe they are well positioned for when the Financial Conduct Authority begins regulating the industry.

Funeral Planning Authority
FPA Registered

What payment options are available?

Safe Hands allow their customers to select from two payment options:

  • A single payment, covering the full cost of the Funeral Plan
  • 12 to 24-month instalment plans taken by direct debit. There is no handling fee with these plans
  • More extended instalment plan options of up to ten years, which include a 4% instalment handling charge

What if I have a complaint with Safe Hands?

If you have a complaint about a Safe HandsPrepaid Funeral Plan, then you can contact them through the following channels, including the details they specify in your Plan Certificate:
Phone: 0800 917 7099
Post: Safe Hands Funeral Plans, 12 Mariner Court, Calder Business Park, Wakefield WF4 3FL

Safe Hands will acknowledge your complaint within seven working days. They aim to resolve your complaint within 30 days.

Is bereavement support available to me?

Yes, Safe Hands have a 24-hour bereavement support phone call facility.

Safe Hands Frequently Asked Questions


Funeral plans with Safe Hands can vary quite significantly in price.

This is down to the ability to customise the funeral plan to the customers needs. This might include items which are upgradable, such as choice of funeral service, flower options and amount of cars for the service.


There are a lot of funeral plan providers on the market, so you should carefully consider all of the choices before you go ahead with Safe Hands.

You should consider if:

  • Safe Hands offer you a price which you can easily afford
  • Safe Hands give you the optional extras which you will need
  • you are happy with the reviews and reputation of Safe Hands

Only when you have considered all of the above criteria, should you continue to apply for a funeral plan with Safe Hands.


Safe Hands were incorporated on 3-Jun-94 under the company name Safe Hands Plans Limited.

They are a legitimate funeral plan company who operate in the United Kingdom. You should always consider all of the different funeral providers to make sure you are buying a funeral plan which is suitable for yourself and your family.